Health Headlines for Tuesday, February 13

Winners and losers under Medicare drug plan in Trump budget


Some Medicare beneficiaries would face higher prescription drug costs under President Donald Trump's budget even as the sickest patients save thousands of dollars, a complex trade-off that may make it harder to sell Congress on the plan in an election year.

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Cuomo Advances Flu Vaccine Budget


Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is advancing a 30-day budget amendment to encourage pharmacies to enroll in the New York State Vaccines for Children Program, which provides vaccines to children and individuals regardless of their ability to pay.

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Healthcare startups are flush with cash, but investors are starting to worry

Modern Healthcare

New York healthcare companies continued to attract hundreds of millions in venture-capital funding last year, but some private investors said they are growing more concerned that the investments aren't resulting in either mergers and acquisitions or initial public offerings.

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Republicans Need a Nudge to Lower Health Care Costs

New York Times

Republicans in Congress and the Trump administration repealed the penalties associated with the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate in the tax act that passed in December.

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Health Care Professionals Share Their Stories About Opioid-Addicted Patients

New York Times

Doctors and patients are supposed to share a therapeutic alliance. This agreement hinges on trust and respect.

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Northwell Health, ProCure NJ to announce cancer care affiliation


Northwell Health on Tuesday is set to announce a clinical affiliation with ProCure Proton Therapy Center, a New Jersey-based provider of proton beam therapy cancer treatments.

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